Reiki Healing

Reiki energy comes directly from the Universe, God, the Divine, The Creator, or whatever name you prefer to call the all powerful.  Reiki is a non-invasive healing therapy that channels powerful healing energy through the practitioner to the client and the areas in need of healing.  Reiki Healing is able to work over vast distances thanks to the Hermetic Law of Similarity which states that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole.  Utilizing the Hermetic Law of Similarity, Aminah is able to focus her healing energy and send it to someone anywhere in the world.  The power of Reiki Healing is not reduced by space and time.  Reiki Healing can be used to remove blockages in someones life, cleanse any negativity from their life, heal physical ailments, sickness, pain, and heal emotional issues.

To focus her energy, Aminah typically uses a picture of the person along with powerful quartz crystals which hold energy.  Distance Reiki Healing works best when the recipient of the energy is meditating and ready to receive the healing energy.  To accomplish this, it works best to schedule Distance Reiki Healing sessions in advance so that both parties can set time aside to focus on the healing when they won’t be interrupted.  Aminah will connect with her client right before the session begins to give some last minute instructions and ensure they are ready to receive the healing energy.  Then the healing begins.  The Reiki healing knows you and your body’s needs.  It is able to heal your emotional and physical body.  After the session, Aminah will follow up with her client to see how they are feeling.

Distance Reiki Healing can be done on someone that is not in the ready-to-receive-healing set of mind, but it may be less effective.  In theory, Reiki Healing energy can be sent to someone who is unaware that the healing is being sent to them.  However,  Aminah prefers that the recipient willingly participate in the Reiki Healing or at the very least given their consent.

Many people are skeptical when they first hear about Reiki Healing.  Aminah has experienced many successful Distance Reiki Healing sessions and has even been surprised by just how successful some sessions end up.  The healing is impressive, real, and long-lasting.  Clients often report feelings of relaxation, happiness, ease and relief from pain.

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