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Why leave your future in the hands of an amateur when you dont have to. Aminah is at you your service with over 30 years experience helping and healing so many clients...

About Me

I am a gifted psychic and clairvoyant with many years experience. I have been blessed with the astounding ability to predict upcoming events, help people with their personal issues, tell of mysteries from the past, and bring closure to one's present. I am able to answer the questions that you need answered now. The questions that keep you up at night and cause you to worry and add stress to your life. It doesn't matter whether your questions are about your family, relationships, finances, travel, career, depression, uncertainty in your life… I will help you!



“Absolutely brilliant and a real honest psychic. She read me like an open book and looked into important areas of my life. Very quick to the point and is a n excellent adviser.


“Very kind and caring, understanding. Explained a lot of what was going on with little detail told to her. I believe in her predictions and look forward to the future.”


I love her readings, she is spot on and very gifted. She also gives additional advice as to how to protect yourself from negative and draining energy.


``If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you.`` - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Call Aminah for the guidance you seekand the answers you need!

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